Protect Your Online Assets Review – Protect Your Online Business

Are you looking to protect your online business by using Protect Your Online Assets System? Operating a business on the internet is very easy to get started with. At the same time, it is actually very dangerous, since there are many security and legal loopholes that anyone can exploit if they are determined to try and do so.1. How Was The Protect Your Online Assets System Formed?This system is formed based on the advice by 2 professional lawyers, Garrett Sutton and Catherine Cary, and the author’s colleague, Simon Hodgkinson. These people have come up with a system to help business entrepreneurs and owners setup their corporate structures the right way. A solid corporate structure is able to protect the assets and lives of the business owners as well as limiting their liabilities in times of trouble.2. What Will You Receive By Purchasing Protect Your Online Assets?The system is described in a written PDF form along with downloadable MP3 files. They discuss how you can systematically setup a structure for your online business to protect it from anything that will harm it.3. What I Have Learned By Applying the Protect Your Online Assets SystemBy using this online business protection system, I have learned how best to protect my online assets, how an EIN number can benefit me, how to setup your business legal entity correctly for maximum protection, whether to choose single or double taxation, what a non-US citizen needs to do before setting up a corporation in the United States, what to do in case my website or content gets stolen and many more strategies.

Pet Wellness – Natural Pet Health Care for Sore Muscles and Joints

People living on the wellness side of life, and health professionals will be the first to tell you that exercise plays a major role in health and fitness for people and pets. It has so many benefits with one of the best being that helps tremendously in having a longer more productive life. And this is true for pets as well. Strong pet wellness practices require that pets get regular exercise and that their treatment for sore muscles and joints is one of natural pet health care.Instead of using drugs to help your pet with sore muscles and joints consider this natural pet health care avenue to soothe, heal, and strengthen.Here are some of the natural pet health care remedies for soothing sore muscles and delay cartilage break down.Glucosamine Hydrochloride An important supplement to add to your pet’s diet. It helps to rebuild the cartilage and delay further cartilage breakdown.Dosage: 1/4 of a 500 mg tablet once daily per 10 lbs of body weight.Methylsulfonymethane. MSMA supplement found in some plants such as Horsetail. It acts as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation in the joints.Dosage:50 mg per 10 lbs of body weight daily.Keep the Joints MobileJoint fluid will lubricate them helping with pain. To get joint fluid keep your pet mobile. If your pet is reluctant to move then manually flex and carefully and gently stretch the sore joint (s) for 5 minutes. Gradually increase daily exercise. D-L Phenylalanine (DLPA)An amino acid that works as a pain reliever. Use as directedVitamins Vitamins C and E may reduce some joint pain.Dosage:Vitamin E is dosed at 100 IU per 10 lbs of body weight.Vitamin C is dosed at 100 mg.AcupressurePerform gently circular motions on the top inside of the ear. This stimulates the back legs. Your pet will also love it, especially dog and cat. You can administer this technique several times a day.People practicing pet wellness techniques and administering natural pet health care for illness and injuries are top doggies if you ask me. When it comes to sore muscles and joints, these type of injuries have a high response to natural health care without the high cost of medicines and the toxins they include. If you have a sports injury try acupressure instead of medicines and judge for yourself. For your pet consider natural pet health care for a more vibrant, healthy, stronger and longer life.